What’s Happening In The Dragonflies Class

Hi everyone,
We have been using the Easter Bunny for our writing prompt this week. We brainstormed lots of words to describe the Easter Bunny and then used these to create sentences. Our learning goal has been to write compound sentences and we have been having great success. A compound sentence is made of two simple sentences joined together with a conjunction (joining word) to make a longer, more interesting sentence. Here’s a good one by Louis….Easter Bunnies are sneaky and can hop very fast. And another by Leeya…..Easter Bunnies have long, fluffy ears and are good at hiding. And one more by Cleo….They are very generous because they share their eggs so people can enjoy them.

This week the Dragonflies were given their History project. They need some help to choose an item that has changed over time. Find a picture of the item from long ago and find a picture of what is used in its place today. I showed the example of the old pump spray gun compared to an aerosol can. Use google images to find the pictures of your chosen items. Several students told me they don’t have internet or a printer. If those students can decide on the item they want to use and I can help them find suitable images. The aim of the project is to give a short speech to outline the changes in technology over time. Our success criteria is to speak for between one and two minutes describing the items and how they have changed, using a clear and audible voice. We will listen to the speeches on Thursday 5th April,Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th April.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter, Gae