welcome back

Welcome back. I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break.
We have had a very exciting start to our term. Today we explored robotics by coding and playing with BeeBots. Bee-Bots are a delightful and engaging way of exploring early computing and programming skills.
Inquiry is our theme for this term, as we launched into our math focus of multiplication and division. Kindergarten isn’t about memorising our times tables, it is about understandingthe concept of grouping, equal shares, with some skip counting thrown in.
Using the visual stimulus of a giant gum ball machine to prompt “I wonder” questions, we were drawn into investigating ways of counting large numbers of objects. Is it easier to count one to one? Would it be quicker to group by colours and count? What about grouping by tens? As investigative learners, we discovered that grouping and counting by tens was quicker and easier strategy than one to one counting.
Our science inquiry this term will be based on seasons and weather. A similar process will take place with the use of a visual stimulus to promote inquiry questions. I can’t wait to find out what amazing ‘I wonder’ questions the Lemon Myrtles will come up with and where our curious minds will take us.
I suggest you come and visit us one day so we can share our learning journey. The inquiry process will be documented on the ‘Our Wonder Wall’ in our classroom. The display will be a living entity, growing and changing along side our own learning. I can’t wait.
Stay safe
Tracy Esau