Welcome back

Great to have everyone back.

We have an exciting term ahead of us with the school camp, the shooting of our class film and the writers’ festival to look forward to.

Our English has a strong focus on creative writing. We have collaborated with the other VoSS schools to design a narrative writing unit that is specifically designed to meet the needs of our students. For the next two weeks we are looking at how to generate rich and effective ideas for our writing. The students will select one idea to develop into an excellent story which will then have the opportunity to be published in a student edited VoSS short story book.

In maths we have been exploring the purposes of different graphs. The class has learnt how to construct a scatter graph to represent and compare information with two variables.

Our science will explore the physics of flight. The students will learn about forces and the transfer of energy by testing a series of flying models. It will culminate in the construction of water rockets.

A huge welcome back to Ido, who has just rejoined our class after 10 months in Israel – great to see you, Ido!