Welcome back!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to term 2! I hope you all managed to have a really nice break, I know I did! This term we will continue to work hard on our reading and learning reading strategies. Listening to the children read these past few days has been very positive because normally after a holiday break our reading confidence can slip but not the honey bees! They have been doing a great job so we need to keep supporting them and practising every day. This is also important for our useful words. Please keep practising!

This term we will be looking at our school and what makes it special as part of our Geography unit. This unit will provide lots of writing opportunities for the children as that is also a focus this term. How do we learn to write by ourselves? We write the sounds we can hear in unknown words and if it is known (useful words) they should just write it or it needs to be located on the word wall or butterfly chart and copied. Sentence structure is also important. Sentences start with a capital letter, end with a full stop, have spaces between the words and it needs to make sense. By providing lots of guided and independent writing opportunities the children will gradually develop an understanding of this.

Also this term I will only be working four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. Ms K will be the teacher on class on Fridays and I know she has got lots of great things to teach the children!

Have a great fortnight!