Thinking and Moving

OREO, delicious chocolate biscuit with a creamy filling. However, OREO is not just a yummy, rich treat, it is also a fantastic, rich writing structure. Year 2 have been learning all about persuasive text and have focused on the OREO writing structure and persuasive language devices. OREO is an acronym:

O = opinion

R = reason

E = evidence

O = opinion

The children have been brainstorming various topics using a fairytale theme e.g. Dragons are dangerous, All Queens are nice, All witches are mean. I am extremely impressed with increased group skills such as listening to others suggestions and valuing these suggestions. The exercise highlighted the classes growing knowledge of language devices used for writing persuasively. All groups were using thinking verbs e.g. I believe, feel, think and sequential words e.g. firstly, also, finally. We are now moving on to procedures. The children are to bring in their favourite recipe written down to share with the class.

I attended a Physical Education conference last week that introduced the concept of ‘Moving While Thinking’. Studies are starting to explore the notion that when children move while learning they  may absorb more and retain the information for longer. So today we will be having our first ‘Thinking While Moving’ math session. As our focus is time, we will be learning the months of the year. We will be playing a game that is a modified version of Rob the Nest. Instead of bean bags to rob, we will be robbing the months of the year cards. We will order the months that we have and if there is a missing month from our sort, we will be strategically looking to rob the nests of other teams.

Our plant mazes are taking shape and next week we will be placing our plants inside to investigate how important the sun is for plants. The individual bean seeds are now sprouting and we are observing the changes that are taking place.

Stay safe

Tracy Esau