The Final Post

I hope everyone was not too overwhelmed by all the information on the school reports.  I used a new system that hopefully gave you a clearer picture of your child’s accomplishments but I must admit, it was quite lengthy in parts.  Maybe next year I will ‘get a better handle’ on how it works.

The speaking part of English was lengthy because we have focused on that a lot this year so next year I will keep that part to a minimum.

As you might have gathered, Michelle and I SHOULD have your child again next year, unless there is some unforseen change (I win lotto or marry a billionaire).  I really do enjoy the two year cycle of teaching.  I think it is very effective and it gives me a chance to work on those areas of need.

So I will close and wish everyone a safe and happy break.  The Eukkies are a lovely group of  children and you, as a parent, should feel proud of _________ (fill in the blank with your child’s name).  I know I feel pride (well, most of the time!).

Until next time…