Term 4

Welcome back!

This term looks to be very exciting with the culmination of many projects including the class film and the school play.

We have our 3D printer up and running and the students will be designing a product they can market and sell. As part of the unit, they have been exploring the language and techniques advertisers use to sell their wares. This week, the students completed a research project into fad products, looking at how they were marketed and why they were successful. They completed an information report on the history of the fad and presented it to the class. Tomorrow they will investigate the code of conduct for advertisements aimed at children and next week they will create their own ads to market a healthy food.

In maths we have been conducting investigations into the measurement of speed. We have created graphs the represent constant motion and have conducted experiments to test how falling objects accelerate. Yesterday we tested what height a ball had to be dropped from to fall for exactly 1 second. We used a video editing app to slow down the footage we filmed and discovered that although an object would fall 1 metre in 0.5 of a second, it could fall around 5 metres in 1 second due to its acceleration.

I am continually amazed at the learning we can achieve that we could never have done without our new technology!