Term 2 off and Running

Hello Bottlebrush families,

Week 2 and there are so many things to talk about already. The children have settled back into school and are keen to learn.

We had a very successful cross country last Friday. I loved watching Main Arm Upper students perform in events like this because they are so supportive of each other. The effort that all students put in on the day was amazing.


For the next four weeks our literacy focus will be persuasive writing. We have covered ‘authors’ purpose’, meaning, why authors write. Authors write to entertain, persuade or inform. The class is able to identify the point of view of a persuasive piece and today we looked at the idea of for or against.

I have been incorporating quality children’s literature into our lessons. I strongly feel that when studying literacy   we need to have quality examples. Some of the texts that we have looked at so far are:

Feathers for Phoebe

The Ant and the Boy (Poem)

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by A. Wolf

We loved the three little pigs as it was written from the wolf’s point of view. Next week we will start looking at structure of a persuasive text and the language devices used.


This year I will be attending professional learning (as I told my class teachers are lifelong learners, just like we are help them to be) every second Wednesday afternoon. The workshops are covering the Targeting Early Numeracy (TEN) program. This is an early intervention program that was developed to address problems with early numeracy understanding. The program has been so successful that it was extended to all children in early primary helping students to excel in their numeracy levels.

Students focus on identifying numbers, counting skip counting forwards and backwards and addition and subtraction mental strategies. It is a very encouraging program as all lessons begin with a short and explicit game that aims to develop a specific skill. The short, focused and frequent teaching activities are designed to enable students to build addition, subtraction and number sense. I am really excited to be implementing this program into the classroom and I am positive we will see great results.

Stay safe.

Tracy Esau