Term 1 draws to an end

Time flies when you’re having fun, is the old saying. This is fitting for our first term in kindergarten. I am discovering the personalities of each child and I am finding them delightful. The Lemon Myrtles are starting to settle into formal education life, following routines and identifying expectations that will help them be a successful learner. They are caring for themselves and each other, showing a growing awareness of our Kindness on Purpose philosophy.

Academically, we are building our awareness of how  sounds, letters and words work. Soon we will be showing off our spooky shape houses and the effort that they have put into them. The children have been embracing our new sight word activity each morning, where we are learning the following skills:

  1. word recognition
  2. writing the word
  3. reading sentences with the word
  4. left and right direction
  5. how to give feedback

Till the end of the term we will be focusing on the bonds of ten e.g. 1 + 9, 2+ 8, 3 +7 etc. The more counting that the children do at home the more cemented the concept of number will be.

See you soon.

Tracy Esau