Tea Composition Project

The Ironbarks are working with the University of Sydney  on a citizen science project on Tea Composition: https://sydney.edu.au/science/industry-and-community/community-engagement/tea-composition.html . It is an interesting project where students investigate microbial activity in their local soils by burying tea bags in different locations and determining the rate of their decomposition.

Yesterday we took soil samples from around our school and analysed them for organic matter, moisture, clay and sand content and Ph levels. Tomorrow we will be weighing our tea bags before burying them at two different sites at the school. At the end of next term, we will exhume them and weigh them again. Our data will feed into the global tea bag index: http://www.teatime4science.org/ .

The project is interdisciplinary, involving science, geography and mathematics.

We have also been collaborating with our VoSS schools to use seesaw as a way to help our students reflect more effectively on their learning.  It is an online platform where students record their reflections and learning through writing, images and video and post them for their parents to enjoy. It will provide you with real-time insights into not only what your child is learning, but also how they are feeling about it (much more effective and engaging than my blogs!) It will provide students with an authentic audience and  motivation to reflect on their learning. We will be exploring the platform over the next two weeks and will invite you to share their first posts when they are submitted. The first post will be experimental but they will provide us with a vehicle for on-going reflection that will enhance the quality of all their learning.