Our last day of surfing turned out to be our best, with the tide and wind producing the perfect waves under a sunny sky. This allowed year 5 and 6 to showcase the amazing skills they had developed over the week. For the first time in my memory, they were able to catch unbroken waves, providing them with a memorable surfing experience. What a great week of fun and learning where everyone maintained their enthusiasm throughout. The students showed remarkable persistence, resilience and getting along skills that couldn’t help but be noticed by our instructors. Well done 5 and 6!
Our school film is now complete, except for the sound track. It is based on a collaborative writing exercise we did in term 1 and I believe it’s one of our best. We know you’ll love it.
The students have completed their virtual reality presentations where they have constructed a museum of their past, present and future selves. The results are much more creative than I had imagined and the class should be congratulated on their creativity and dedication to the task. We will be showcasing them to the rest of the school this afternoon.