Students Extraordinaire

Last week saw our hardworking SRC have a major role in our Thank You Morning Tea. My deepest thanks to all our SRC members, Bethany, Adel, Rhiannon, Phoebe, Ulani, Sophie, Alita, Brayden, Jaber, Riley and Max who did an excellent job and to Mr T for his efforts as our SRC coordinator.

Our values of Caring, Co-operation and Respect were in full operation. We truly do appreciate everything that our SRC have done this year for our students.

These student leaders play an active role in our school’s organization and are excellent role models for all the students.

Our Morning tea is a great example of teaching our students how important it is to give. Our Buddy program and Cooking with our Elders program, are also other ways where we teach our students the importance of not only learning how to give to others but how to get along and make others feel comfortable.

So what ought to be driving our giving?

Five simple words – “the priceless quality of appreciation”.

Appreciation is an expression of love and care that ideally is offered all year round- if you allow it. Probably one of the greatest gifts that Christmas and the end of the school year gives us is the chance to renew its magic. Presents are fine, but nothing will matter more than the behaviour that each day affirms, ie. “You matter to me. I genuinely care about you and my power to affect that.”

Encouragement is also an important word and one that we value greatly at Main Arm. This is the capacity that we all have to lift another person’s spirit and bring out the best in them. We also have the capacity to do the opposite – to crush other people’s spirits, sometimes with cruel, nasty or thoughtless behaviour or comments.

What sort of qualities do you want your child/children to keep practicing? How might you encourage this further?

With a few exceptions we all genuinely crave to be acknowledged and appreciated by other people and most of all by those whom we work or share our lives. Just think about it! How do we see ourselves through others’ eyes and what are we being appreciated for?

Our special Learning Assembly last week was a terrific way to share our appreciation with all our students and our community. It demonstrates this very value. It celebrates, recognizes and acknowledges our students’ fantastic efforts and achievements over the year.

Without the dedication of our wonderful staff at Main Arm these fantastic learning efforts would not be as strong!

We continually promote the importance of our positive learning habits – persistence, (learning from mistakes and a I can do it attitude), getting along skills, organization, confidence and resilience as the foundations of being a successful and happy learner. Our fantastic staff encourage our students daily to practise these habits that we know will build the essential foundations needed to equip them for success in their future lives.

We can never control people’s appreciation but we can all take charge of how generously we can offer appreciation and encouragement to others – whether it be through gifts, kind acts or kind words – appreciation needs to become a way of life and taught constantly to our students – otherwise how else will they learn this very important value?

Christmas and the end of the year celebrates just this. A time to think about other people, how to lift their spirits through those daily acts of kindness, to share laughter and gratitude and then to say – Yes I do care and appreciate you.

Isn’t that what we want?

Have a wonderful weekend!

As this will be my last blog for the year please make sure you all have a wonderful Christmas and New year and enjoy the special holiday break with your special family and friends.

And don’t forget to continue to practise the act of appreciation and giving with each another, with family and with friends.

Christmas Cheers