Stick Insects

Hello from the Stink Insect (Year 3) classroom,

Congratulation to the students who competed in the district swimming carnival. It is great to see the ‘have a go’ attitude and resilience when things do not go the way we want them to. The same can also be said of the children who participated in the School Representative Council speeches over the last two weeks. Limited places means that not all students will be on the SRC, but they can certainly put forward their ideas to the new SRC for consideration and discussion.


During our readers workshop we have been looking at the language that good authors use to create an image in the readers mind as they read. The children are exploring the use of adjectives (describing words) to enhance characters in the book Fantastic Mr Fox. During the course of the book study, we will be reading the novel and undertaking different response activities. Our learning focus this week is visualisation and inference two very important comprehension strategies.

Our science STEAM project will start this Friday. Students are to think about and record four animals that they wish to research and base their STEAM project on. We are all excited. If you have any newspapers that we could use for our STEAM project, we would be very grateful.

Let us hear from our class reporter Lola.

2018 New Year Blogger Week 5 by Lola

All of the Stick Insects are excited to begin Year 3. I like our reading and writing workshops, even the learning how to learn lessons. They have inspired me to try my best in learning how to learn. I have learnt, and hopefully the other students have learnt this to, to succeed isn’t getting everything right the first time, it is trying your best and giving it a go.

By Lola


Wow, thank you Lola for your reflection.

Stay safe