Stick Insects are one their way to being successful learners.

Hi everyone,

We are nearing the end of our “Learning How to Learn” program and I am pleased to say that the Stick Insects are well on their way to being successful learners.

So what is a successful learner?

Well, we have discovered that “… it is someone who is curious and makes mistakes, but when they make mistakes, they use their three important parts of their brain to help them manage their emotions…” A successful learner is someone who jumps in the learning pit and works through a number of strategies to help them reach that EUREKA moment e.g. persistence, asking for help or taking a task one-step at a time. A successful learner is someone who utilises our five foundations – getting along, organisation, persistence, resilience and confidence. These important foundations will be reviewed throughout our year.

Next week we will be launching into our planned learning for the term starting with our very first book study of Fantastic Mr Fox, followed by Ned Kelly and the Green Sash. The two stories fit with our theme of ‘Hero or Villain’. Notes will go home next week outlining our science STEAM project (EXCITED!!!!!) and our science focus is on living and non-living things.

My goal this year is to help the children to move towards independence in their learning, so we will be planning and working through a number of projects, book studies and independent writing.

Hope we will see you at the Welcome BBQ on Friday, Brunswick Heads between 5 and 8pm.

Stay Safe