Stick Insects

Hi everyone,

Cooking is on Friday this week for Year 3. I can’t wait to taste the yummy treats that Yeni is planning for our class. Notes have been sent home as we do need a couple of parent helpers for the morning (9:00 – 11:30am).


Our Mystery Island Maps project is well under way. The children have been creating their maps and placing coordinate grids onto their maps. This is a trickier process than some may think, but all good learning of measurement and ruler control. Our next step is composing a ‘Secret Journey’ story for a special quest. The challenge will be to use coordinates instead of writing the locations of the activities. After we learn about coordinates and routes, we will be making time tables of activities for tourists visiting our island, which will mean looking at 24 hour time.

During our literacy we have been exploring sizzling starts and ‘show, don’t tell’.

Stay Safe