Stick Insects

Hello everyone,
Over the last two weeks the Stick Insects have been learning about our Zones of Regulation, meaning we have been discussing strategies that enable us to manage our emotions. Lets just clarify that there are no bad emotions, it is okay to feel angry, sad or frustrated. What the zones enable us to identify is how we respond to our emotions.
 We have been identifying our emotions and then what zone that puts us in. For example the GREEN zone is the calm, ready to focus and the just right zone, the YELLOW zone is the zone where a person has lost control a little, RED is the out of control zone and BLUE is the slow and sluggish zone. Next week we will be delving further into the Zones Tool Kit of strategies that will help us to self-regulate our emotions.
Yesterday we started our new maths project, “The Mysterious Island Resort”. I created this unit as a when of integrating a variety of mathematic concepts, hopefully, in a fun way. Also to challenge the students and help them on their way to independence in their learning.
The first concept that we are looking at is mapping (position and co-ordinates). Yesterday the children brainstormed and created a draft map of their resort. We will then transfer the drafts to large cardboard for our published copy. This will lead us into measuring time, where we will create an itinery for our visitors and costings of activitites on the island. As mentioned there will be many math concepts taught in a project based activity. The children are very excited.
Our magazines are well underway, the children have completed their editorials, and are now onto composing a narrative to go into the magazine. They are extremely engaged in this project.
Book week will be on the 22nd August this year, week 5. The children will be dressing up as their favourite book character on the day. They can bring the book in with them if they like. The SRC are asking for a gold coin donation as part of this day, to go towards drought relief for our suffering farmers. Great community spirit from our children and a great way to celebrate book week.
take care and stay safe
From Tracy