Stack of Cash Maths Project

This term, our Voss schools have been collaborating to trial inquiry based learning in our classrooms. These are learning experiences that are driven by questions generated by students, rather than a teacher. They are designed to engage students’ natural curiosity to create a richer learning experience while helping to provide students with the skills they need to become agents of their own learning.

For maths this week, the students were presented with a picture of  a pallet load of cash. They were asked what they wondered about the picture and we recorded their questions. All the teachers who observed the lesson were impressed by how astute their questions were, ranging from the obvious: “how much money is there?” to the more complex: “how much ice-cream could I buy with that?” Some of the questions had some real depth to them: “how many Australians have that much money?”

We then designed tasks that would allow the students to answer their own questions. The tasks will involve working with very large numbers, decimals, multiplication, division, volume, percentages and working mathematically. They are creating presentations to display their thinking and will share their learning with other schools.