Special places

Hi everyone,
This week we had a walk along the creek bed to investigate a ‘special place’ near to our school. When we got around the bend out of view of the road, we crouched down and were very still and silent. We listened to the sounds of the bush around. It was a lovely time and all the kids had great fun discovering and collecting. Many picked up bits of rubbish and reminded us of our pledge to keep the creek clean.
When we were looking at the local area on Google Maps we noticed that it’s actually the beginning of the Brunswick River. We discussed how the rubbish that is here can flow all the way to the ocean.
After our walk we drew maps of the school and the creek where we walked. It is an interesting concept to change a ground view into a birds eye view but the class managed quite well. We also did some writing about our walk and have published these on the computer using word processing. A great effort by all! So proud.I thought I would share these with you here.
I saw crystals in the creek. By Kirra
I found lots of crystals and I did a skid up the hill. We saw some tadpoles when we went for a walk in the creek. By Cosmo
On my class walk I found lots and lots of rubbish people are littering!:( I also found crystals but I didn’t take them. I think my school is a nice place.:) By Amiee
On the bushwalk I picked up a lot of rubbish:( I picked up an old lighter, an old orange juice bottle and a few pieces of glass. I also found an old seedling container. By Leni Rose
I went to the creek and I found a pretty white rock. By Tara
We went to the creek and found lots of crystals. By Gelis
On the walk I found a monster rock. I could lift it with one hand. By Oscar
I found lots of quartz. By Kahlan
We went for a walk on the creek bed. It was me and my class. I saw a net. By Jesse
I found a rock shaped like a llama head. By Liam
I went to the creek and I found rocks. They were beautiful. By Marli
This is what I found. I found six crystals and a gem. By Eden
I went to the creek and I found a leaf and it had red and green. By Evie Mae
It is fun going on a creek walk because it is peaceful and nice.You can find crystals and skimming stones, drawing stones too. I like going on walks. I want to go again. By Leila
On my bush walk I liked to listen to the birds. I found glass, rubbish and plastic. I tipped the plastic and a spider came out of it. By Leeya
On my bushwalk I heard birds and nature. I was very peaceful and I collected crystals and rocks. It was fun. By Cleo
I found a big, red rock. Liam and I carried it to school. By Timothy
We went for a walk in the creek next door. I found a thong, glass, a big piece of plastic and some other thing. By Harley
I went to the creek. I found crystals and I saw a pond. By Oberon
When I went to the creek I made my hat like a bag. I got so many rocks and crystals. One rock was pink and yellow. One was a beautiful plain yellow rock. I think that Main Arm is the best school ever. I am going to stay here until I am in Year 6. By Maayan
I hope you all find time visit a special place this week and stop and listen to nature.
Cheers Gae :)