It’s great to be back at school after our exciting week in the snow fields.

Today, as part of Science Week, we enjoyed a visit from the Off The Planet team to learn about the Earth’s place in Space. We entered a portable planetarium and explored constellations, the Earth’s rotation and other phenomena.

The class has also been designing proposals for how to reduce the global footprint of our school. They are creating acase for change that we will present to the class and we will select the best proposal to put into action.

I am certain I don’t need to tell you that the students had an amazing time at the snow. Everyone learns to ski at different rates but I was particularly impressed by the fact that we had no students who gave up and it was wonderful to see everybody taking on more challenging slopes by the second day. The students wanted to tell you about their trip and I think their enthusiasm says it all:


The best part of the snow trip for me was when I first stepped off the bus onto the freezing, wet and slippery ice. It took a lot of confidence to push myself onto the slope although after a while I got the hang of it.

 On the first day we went to Parliament house, both Old and New. They were quite amazing. The paintings were massive and fascinating. On our last day in Canberra we went to the War Memorial, which had big old military transport with lots of guns. It was great to see all the giant, old war planes and educate the rest of the class about their makes and models.

I learnt that ski trips aren’t as bad as I thought. I didn’t think it would be the best time I’d ever had – I was wrong about that. Skiing is awesome!    



The best part of our trip was when we first saw the snow. It was the second time I have ever seen snow. I just love to ski and when I got to ski with my friends it was just amazing. 

Old and New Parliament house was so cool and educating. In the Old Parliament house we got to watch and listen about our past  Prime Ministers. We also went into the House of Representatives. In the New Parliament we went to the Senate.

 Questacon was  cool. We got to program a robot and play air hocky against a robot. There was a free fall slide and it was so fun.


Going to the snow was so fun and a great experience to hang out with students from other schools as well as your good friends from school. Skiing was definitely the highlight of my trip. I enjoyed everything especially falling over. You might wonder why but once you fall, you laugh and everyone else laughs with you and you end up having a snow ball fight!

On the way back we went to the War Memorial I really enjoyed it. I found it so fascinating to look and learn about the old air crafts and the things soldiers had to go through to survive the wars.

All in all I loved the snow


On the snow trip my favourite part was the snow itself. I loved skiing and thought it was really fun. I picked it up pretty easily and ended up doing every slope.

At Questacon I learnt lots about future aircrafts and how spaceships work.

On our trip I persisted with trying everything at the snow like: every slope, pomas, t bars and ski lifts.

In the end I loved it!


One of my favourite experiences was when we were driving to the snow slopes and all the trees were covered in ice. Because of the sunrise, they looked like they had fairy lights at each end of each branch.

I also loved on the second day when I went on a poma for the first time. I thought it was going to be hard but it wasn’t; it was surprisingly easy!