Sideshow Games

In maths this week the students have been investigating how to run a sideshow game. The task involved determining the probability of outcomes, reducing fractions to their simplest forms and measuring length, including perimeter. They had to make several choices and justify them mathematically. These skills will be useful for us when we run a game for real during our Music in the Valley next term.

For English we have continued our close reading of Tim Winton’s Blueback. The students have composed descriptive paragraphs to describe the groper in their own expressive language. They have also been composing persuasive speeches to convince the class to take action on an area of sustainability within the school.

Today we sent out an information package about the Adoles:sense program that we will be running in the first week of next term. I highly recommend the program to all the students in my class. Last year’s course produced rich conversations around maintaining healthy relationships, respecting each other and being aware of the emotional and physical changes to expect during adolescence. ┬áJane is a very experienced and approachable instructor, who created an atmosphere of trust where students felt comfortable asking questions and clarifying misconceptions. Year 5 and 6 will share the first two sessions on the first day. The second day will be for the year 6 students alone. I will be in the classroom with the students throughout the course. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Similarly, if you do not want your child to attend, could you please contact me as well to let me know. Otherwise, please return your notes as soon as possible so we can finalise the numbers.