Scribbly Gums News

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to our final term for 2019. As always, it is a busy and exciting term with assessment and reporting, swimming lessons, the school play to rehearse and our end of year activities to look forward to.

This term the Scribbly Gums will be learning Science through imagination, spells and potions. We are inspired by the world of Hogwarts and and the magical things they learn at the school.
The children have started to make magical wands and we will incorporate poetry into our lessons as we design spells.
We will be using everyday materials and mixing, measuring, pouring and melting to see what changes we can observe. This week we will be making exploding oranges and lemons and observing the reaction between citrus fruit and bicarb soda. ‚ÄčThis could get messy so please send in an old t-shirt if you are concerned.

We are looking at Fairy Tales in literacy to coincide with this Science unit. We are planning an excursion to see the Byron Circus Arts Show of Wonderland The Musical (starring our vey own Eden Vardy). We are looking at traditional tales and modern or fractured fairy tails and discussing the differences and similarities. Please share with us any of your favourites. We also drew and painted some magical castles this week.
In maths we are exploring the relationship of multiplication and division through grouping and sharing. The students are now using the Studyladder program on the computer to develop math skills, which they are really enjoying.

Cheers, Gae and Georgia ;)