Scribbly Gums Go Flying

Hi everyone,
What a great time we had on camp! We were so lucky with the beautiful sunny weather to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of Tyalgum Ridge. It was wonderful to see the students using the five foundations as they enjoyed the activities and surroundings. The flying fox was by far the biggest challenge and the most popular activity. It took a lot of courage and determination to climb the dizzying height just to get to the launch pad! Nearly everyone managed to conquer their fears and have a go. The feeling of exhilaration was evident on their faces as they flew through the air (with the safety of a harness). Those few who didn’t, told me they had fun just watching with excitement and helping each other with their gear. It was fantastic teamwork and a joy to see how the students supported and encouraged each other. This is what going to camp is all about. Plus the baby goats were pretty cute too. Thankyou to those parents who were able to attend and help the younger students to be organised. We could not take younger students on these camping adventures without your support. Main Arm magic at it’s best! :)
Thankyou, Gae