Scribbly Gums Classroom

Hi everyone,
The Scribbly Gums have been writing letters these past weeks. We wrote lots of practise letters and then decided which one we would edit and publish. This is introducing students to the writing process which involves drafting, refining, editing and publishing. Our published letters are almost finished. If you are lucky enough to receive a letter from one of us please write back. This gives the students an understanding that writing has a purpose. Encourage them to write more letters to family members both near and far.
We are working on our friends of ten and friends of twenty this week. (number facts for 10 &20). We are using our double sided counters to shake and drop to see number combinations and write number sentences. Younger students need to have lots of experiences to manipulate and see numbers in concrete materials before they can conceptualise numbers and hold them in their heads.The maths games we play allow for lots of this. Plus its fun!
We have started our Reading Eggs Program during literacy rotations and remember you have access to the program at home too. The students enjoy it and it really helps to consolidate reading and spelling skills and sight word knowledge. There are also many books that can be read within the program.
Cheers, Gae