Scribbly Gums Class News

Hi everyone,
Here we are at the end of Term 1 already! I have been so pleased with all the students in my class so far this year. They are working well in their literacy and numeracy groups and have formed a cohesive group as a class. Our kindness on purpose focus has certainly enhanced our getting along this year. We have kind students doing and saying kind things everywhere we look!
In maths we are learning about place value and in literacy we are reading lots of stories about bears. We are investigating the different structures of narratives and noticing how they are different to information books. We are looking at the beginning, middle and end of stories. Discussing what are the problems or complications in the stories and where are they set. If you have any stories with bears in them we would love to read them.
Thankyou to the parents who gave up their time to run our craft day yesterday. You put so much effort into making sure these days are successful and the students created wonderful things and had a lovely day. And so did I, so big thanks for that. You guys are awesome!
Last blog for the term, so have a very happy Easter and a great holiday.
cheers Gae