Scribbly Gums Class News

The Scribbly Gums are developing strong mental computation skills during our Numeracy games. Using regular playing cards to add the numbers and try to get to the magic number of 14 or 24. If you go over the magic number you have to subtract. Good fun and great learning. You can play at home! We are also diving into division and looking at equal groups and sharing.
We had fun making wire sculptures of dragonflies and made sure we had three body parts; head,thorax and abdomen.
We are being authors and writing information books at the moment. Students have chosen their topic and are busy writing facts and illustrating their books.
Ms Jansen
Scribbly Gums have been learning about persuasive language and texts and have been presenting speeches on whether or not we should squash an ant. Expressing their different points of views and justifying why.
We have been labelling the body parts of an insect and have been getting out of the classroom to go on school yard safaris and observe what kinds of insects we have at school.
Fridays we have both Yoga and Dance which equals lots of fun.
Ms Laddin