Scribbly Gums Class News

Hi everyone,
Welcome back for term 3.
This week we have been using the inquiry model to kick off our investigations of Minibeasts. We used some photographs to stimulate curiosity and asked ourselves What do we see? What does this make us think? And what are we now wondering about? We had some interesting wonderings such as…Why do the worms have lines on them? Why do the bugs have bright shapes and patterns? Why are there so many lady bugs clumped together? How do spiders make webs? Can you eat insects? As we continue our investigations we will find the answers to many of these questions and also come up with more wonderings.
The robotics session was a hit with the students who really enjoyed the opportunity to build on the skills they learned last time.
This Friday we will be at the Athletics Carnivaland I hope to see many of you there.
But the thing I am looking forward to the most is our camp to Tyalgum Ridge. I hope this gorgeous sunny weather stays with us until then.
Until next time, Gae