Science Fair

Science week occurs early next term and years 3-6 have a science fair planned to celebrate it. Each student must select a project that tests a scientific concept. We have conducted a number of investigations as a class and learnt about fair tests, controls and variables and how to write up an experiment. Most students have chosen the concept they want to test and we will begin our projects over the coming weeks.

In English this term we have been looking at how to develop ideas for short narratives. They class has been learning how plan a story and refine their plot to make it manageable in a short text.

Over the last two weeks we have been exploring measurement and graphing in maths, as these skills will be essential for our science projects. We are now moving on the fractions and decimals. The students have taken an assessment in the area and some groups will be learning about equivalent fractions and turning fractions into decimals, while others will be exploring decimal operations.

We have completed the treatment of our class film and are in the process of composing the script – it looks to be an exciting film and we can’t wait to begin shooting it.