School is a special place

Hi everyone,

This term as part of our geography unit we are studying our school as a special place. We have identified certain places within our school that are special and had lots of discussion around what makes a place special. Some of our special places are the gardens, the sandpit, our classroom, the library, the COLA, the bees and the fig tree that over shadows our lunch area. The children have even made a little video (with the help of our year 4 directors) about each special place. We also have looked at special places near our school and on google maps we located the creek that is part of Brunswick River. So, we went for a walk with Years1/2 to discover why the bush is such a special place. We discovered many treasures on our walk and had a few moments of silence where we were still and focused on being one with nature. It was a really lovely experience.

Talk soon,