School Film

Last week year 6 completed the script for our school film. It’s one of the most exciting so far. We began by writing short stories on the theme: “bad decisions.” The students worked in groups to compose a story and we compiled all of them into a complete narrative. One of the scenes involves the whole school evacuating in their pyjamas. This was serendipitous as the SRC had already planned to have a PJ day to raise money for our story dogs program. We combined the two and we look forward to trying to set the scene for the worst school evacuation ever!

For maths we have been exploring the properties of 2D shapes. We investigated the language we can use to describe a shape and created flowcharts that will allow us to classify a shape according to its features. We will use the flowcharts as a basis to plan a program that will be able to determine a shape by describing its features.

We have also been investigating the unique properties of circles. The class has learnt to name parts of circles and has been working at using Pi to calculate their area and circumference. We have looked at scenarios where this might apply to real world situations.

In science, the students have looked at the difference between parallel and series circuits. We also constructed our own burglar alarms by creating a pressure switch.