school camp and other fun things

Hi everyone,
Excitement is building as we fast approach our school camp to Tyalgum Ridge. Get your bags packed using the list provided by the school and then you won’t forget anything. The bus is leaving at 9am on Monday morning, so don’t be late! I’m super excited because it is a beautiful location, the activities are excellent and the food was the best camp food I’ve ever had (and I’ve been on a lot of school camps!!!)
We have been playing games with our Friends of Ten (numbers that add to equal ten). These facts are important to know as they will aid students understanding and strategy development in adding and subtracting. So have a game at home using regular playing cards (take out the picture cards) and ace is one. Play Go Fish but your pairs are two numbers that add to ten. Or play Snap but instead of pairs of the same number you snap a friend of ten combination.
Caine’s Arcade games will be made this week with Miss Laddin, who will be teaching the Scribbly Gums each Thursday and Friday. The playing day will be the following Friday.

Cheers Gae