For science this week, we have been applying our knowledge of flight to construct water rockets. We had a test launch yesterday, which was very successful. Tomorrow we will be using the rockets to test variables regarding size, air pressure and water levels. It should be interesting.
Some of the students have presented their flight biographies and I have been extremely impressed at the high standard that has been set. It is exciting to see how adeptly students took on the feedback from last term’s presentations and used it to create such excellent work.
In maths we have been exploring percentages as discounts and mark-ups. The students are creating sales catalogues where they will demonstrate that they can find the percentage of an amount of money. They have been really engaged in the task and have been doing some excellent work.
Our creative writing stories are coming along well and we are just refining and editing them. We look forward to sharing them with you.
There was a note sent out this week about our Adoles – sence program. I strongly encourage all students to attend. If parents have any questions or concerns regarding the content, please contact me so I can explain thing further.
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