Great to see all the students back, refreshed and excited about a new term.

We began the week with a full day of robotics, which is always an engaging learning experience. Our class has been learning to code all year so it was impressive to see how readily they could transfer their knowledge to a new concept. Peter, our instructor, remarked on how impressed he was with the ability, persistence and good behaviour of our students. Well done, Ironbarks!

We have begun a two week technology mini-unit across the school where students are designing arcade-style games out of cardboard and recycled materials. We will be looking at how the students’ creative and critical thinking skills have developed since our Rube Goldberg machines unit in term 1. We hope to invite parents in in a few weeks to explore whate the students have accomplished.

We also began a unit on the history of Australian democracy. We viewed footage of the protests in Hong Kong and posed the question “What would you march for?” Over term we will be exploring how the actions of people have made a difference in Australia. we will also be learning how our democracy works.