Past and Present

Hello to all our Main Arm community,

How can we show that the present is different from or similar to the past? This was the question that I posed to Year 2 this fortnight. After great discussion and brainstorming we come up with the following:

Poetry, stories (both oral and written), drawings, art work, museums, books, role play (movies), songs, photos

After watching a number of short movies from ABC website, “My Place”, we then discussed the treatment of convicts, servants, Aborigines and children within the 1700-1800’s. Another answer to the question posed was “clothing and how we treat people.” The conversation blossomed into human rights and equality, with comments such as “well, I believe we treat people nicer now than they did in the 1700’s, but we can still do better…” WOW, amazing kids.

We have been having fun as artefact detectives, exploring photos of technologies in the past and comparing them to the present. This week we looked at the washing machine, going from an old boiler and clubs, to wash boards, to the modern day washing machine. Discussing how has this technology changed our lives.

“It makes it a lot easier doing chores.” one child stated.

“Yeah, but they were getting a lot more exercise!” replied another.

“But a washing machine isn’t technology, computers are!”

This lead the class into a discussion on what technology is and even a spear or fire sticks is consider technology.