Our School

We would like to acknowledge the Arakwal People, traditional custodians of the land on which our school is situated, and pay tribute to the unique role they play in the life of this region.

Located in a truly beautiful rural environment Main Arm Upper Public School is a happy, supportive and welcoming school where we work together to ensure all our students realise their potential and achieve their best. Our strong values – care, creativity, respect, integrity and honesty, persistence and co-operation underpin everything we do.

Our students have every opportunity to be successful learners with smaller class sizes allowing us to provide more one on one attention. We focus on innovative literacy and numeracy programs and individualised learning programs that cater for both enrichment and extra support as needed. These programs include problem based learning, creative and critical thinking and collaborative learning spaces.

We are very well equipped with the latest resources – access to interactive whiteboards, ipads and video conferencing facilities ensure every child has the technological skills required for life in the 21st century.

Our staff are exceptional with a depth of experience. We continually evaluate and refine our programs which in turn, provide our students with a diverse and engaging curriculum.

At Main Arm we encourage an ‘open door’ policy where parents and carers are active participants in school activities. Parental input into the children’s education is part of our highly involved school community.

Our leadership, peer support and pastoral care programs including the “You Can Do It” program ensure our students build positive social and emotional skills. Our students feel cared for and valued in school and the wider community.

With this unique blend of benefits it’s clear that at Main Arm Public School we deliver excellence in all we do.

Following are some of the fantastic programs:

  • Stage 2-3 digital enrichment program focusing on science, writing, digital and oral story telling and connecting with schools across NSW.
  • Film making/animation project
  • Robotics program
  • Music rhythm program
  • Indonesian
  • Art camps
  • Writing workshop
  • SRC (Student Representative Council)
  • Combined Small Schools Indigenous Day
  • Whole school excursion to Stradbroke Island
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
  • Environmental – Going Green


What happens if my child needs do something other than their normal after school routine?

All parents will need to inform the school either by phone or in writing and advise if the change is long term or a one off. No child will be allowed to change their routine without their parent/carers permission.


How much are the school fees?

Currently $60 per year. This is a voluntary contribution which goes towards essential materials for your child’s education.

When are the school fees due?

At the beginning of the year.


What happens if it floods?

The school will not be operational. If the flood occurs overnight and the school is unable to operate all parents will be advised by text, twitter, facebook and a notice will be posted on the home page of this website. The local ABC radio station also announces school closure. Parents can also contact the local bus company their child travels on to see if the bus is operating to Main Arm School on the day.

If the flood occurs during school hours children living past the school in Upper Main Arm will need to be collected and all other children will be evacuated by bus to their normal stops. The school will contact you or your emergency contact by phone to ensure you are aware and can arrange for children to be collected.


What happens if I have a problem relating to the school?

We are very open at all times to discuss any issues you may have. Please contact your child’s class teacher and/or the principal, Virginia Pavlovich, by ringing the school office.