Enrolment / Orientation

If you would like to enrol your child at Main Arm Upper Public School, please phone the school between 9.00am and 3.00pm on 02 6684 5266 or contact us by email at mainarmup-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au or by email here.

Priority is given to children who live within the school zone and siblings. Out of area applications for enrolment are offered if a vacancy exists.

Kindergarten Enrolment

Kindergarten children must be five years old by the 31st July in order to be enrolled. You will need to provide the following documentation prior to your child starting school.

  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Complete immunisation certificate
  • Proof of residential address, (eg original council rates notice, lease agreement, electricity account, statutory declaration etc)

Students arriving from overseas will need to bring their passports and visas when enrolling at school and special conditions may exist for some passport holders.

If your child is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, please contact The International Students Centre, Temporary Visa Holders Program Unit, Locked Bag 4, Wollongong, NSW 2520. www.internationalschool.edu.au

Kinder Orientation

Kindergarten orientation days are held each year at the start of term 4. This allows the new students to become familiar with the school prior to their first day and introduces them to their ‘buddy’ as part of the school’s Buddy Program.

Kindergarten – Best Start Program

Before starting classes, children will be assessed under the Best Start program. This process is undertaken by all Kindergarten teachers and involves the teacher assessing your child’s current knowledge and experiences in literacy and numeracy. This information will give the teacher background information to develop a quality teaching program tailored to your child’s needs.
It will involve an informal session with you, the Kindergarten teacher and your child at the start of the school year. Times will be advised by the school. Once this process has been completed Kindergarten students will commence school.

Kindergarten – The First Day

Your child will need:

  • School bag which he/she can easily open and carry (preferably A4 size)
  • Fruit for ‘little lunch’ (recess) and ‘crunch ‘n sip time’
  • A sandwich, drink and snack for ‘big lunch’
  • A change of clothes
  • Hat

School Uniform

Uniforms are available through the school office. For more information go to our Uniforms page.

More Questions / FAQs

How old does my child need to be to enrol into Kindergarten?

Your child needs to turn 5 by the 31st July in the year that they start school.

When can I add my child’s name on the waiting list for Kindergarten

You can apply to put your child on the Kindergarten waiting list 12 months prior to commencing school. In saying this we open our waiting list after we complete each intake of students.

What does the term “local” mean and how does this affect my child’s potential for enrolment in the school?

The term “local” relates to the schools primary boundary area in which families that live within these boundaries have a right to attend their local school.

If I am not local, how does this affect my application to enrol in the school?

If you do not live within the school “local boundary” then your application to enrol will be considered after all “local” families have been given priority.

When are offers of enrolment made to parents?

Generally offers of enrolment are made at the end of Term 3, ready for the kindy orientation program in Term 4. Information days are held at the beginning of Term 2 for all interested parents.

Can I make a time to meet with the Principal?

YES! You are always welcome to contact the school office to make a time to meet with the school principal and even request to take a tour of the school and meet the school staff. You can arrange a meeting by contacting the school office on 02 6684 5266.

What do I do if my child has special learning requirements?

If you feel that your child has special learning requirements, please contact the school to meet with the school principal. In most cases the principal will refer you to the regional office in which an initial assessment of the perceived required support needs are determined and if need be put in place prior to the commencement of school.