Ned Kelly

This term we are collaborating with the other VoSS schools on a unit about Ned Kelly. The idea is to debate whether he should be regarded as a hero or a villain. The students have been reading Carol Wilkinson’s Black Snake and searching for evidence to support both sides of the argument. The theme behind the unit is that history is an argument based on evidence gathered from primary and secondary sources. The students have been very engaged with it so far are are working hard to support their points of view with historical facts.

In maths we have completed a unit looking at number patterns and have used our knowledge to explore square numbers, triangular numbers, factors and multiples. In the process we have learnt about the order of operations and rules for divisibility. This has laid the foundations for a deeper exploration into finding more efficient strategies for division and multiplication.

We have our parent information session tomorrow. I hope that most parents will attend but I understand why work restrictions will make it hard for others to make it. In the meeting we will have a discussion about the set-up and routines for the class but we will also talk about the year 6 farewell and assign some parents to take responsibility for coordinating certain aspects of it. We need parents to lead teams to run the decoration of the hall, the year 6 farewell, year 6 shirts and the year 6 the slideshow. If you have a particular talent in an area and can give us a hand but can not attend our meeting, please email me at or just give the school a call. We really appreciate everyone chipping in to make the farewell a success.