Miracles at Main Arm

Two and a half weeks in and I have to marvel at this amazing school and the opportunities it offers for all our learners, including myself.  There are not many places where one day you can see our students extracting honey from our flow hive – then on another day listening to some students telling me excitedly, how they have just made labne in their cooking class and are about to eat it. Then on another day hearing our younger students telling me, all about how our brain works and proudly showing me their creative masterpieces. I am contentedly admiring, just how awesome our children are as I see in the playground older students playing with their younger buddies, laughing, giggling and genuinely enjoying their company. Whether it be in the sandpit, eating lunch, playing with equipment or just talking. This was just in a week! It was truly magical to see and witness!

I have also had the opportunity to re-establish my connections with our amazing new parents, passionate community members and inspiring colleagues. This is the core of a dynamic and rich learning community.

Of course there are many challenges to champion this school’s potential and talents, but a lot of my focus this year will be to ensure that the core of our business is always based on learning – to adopt Visible learning principles whilst still maintaining our 6 R’s _ RESPECT (getting Along, confidence), RESILIENCE, RESPONSIBILITY (persistence, organisation, confidence), RESOURCEFULNESS (creativity), RECIPRICOL (collaborative and co-operative) and REFLECTIVE (being able to reflect on our learning).

My goals this year will be to develop truly inspirational learning programs ( through STEM, Project based learning and genius hour challenges), engage our students in skills to help them track their learning and progress, engage our amazing community, and champion the need for authentic child-centred learning through growth mindset thinking through our learning Pit visual metaphor.

A big task but an exciting one – and I believe this is achievable with good planning, mindful support and an openness to be reflective, adaptive and of course embracing our YCDI and growth mindsets.

Our Learning How to Learn program is an important program in establishing not only our classroom and school environment, but our expectations, learning goals and classroom processes. It allows our staff to further get to know our students. I never fail to be inspired by their sense of wonder and promise.

To share in the lives of others, and to be part of their trust and spirit, is the deepest gift we can give and receive.

Have a wonderful weekend spreading happiness and warmth to all you see. It can’t hurt!