Message from Mrs Esau

Hello Main Arm Upper community,

It is amazing to witness children striving to achieve their goals and using their You Can Do It foundations to extend their growth mindset in positive ways. Our school camp and Caine’s Arcade project were both positive avenues for this.

On camp students overcame their fears on the flying fox, cook damper surrounded by a stunning mountainous backdrop and played bush detectives in search of animal tracks and droppings. The night time entertainment highlight for me how safe our students feel to be themselves. Performing on stage so confidently and the audience being so respectful, it was a very touching moment.

The same can be said for the Caine’s Arcade project. When speaking to the Lemon Myrtles after the event they all spoke about being resourceful with materials, taking a risk with their ideas and being flexible and open-minded to feedback and change. Amazing to hear kindergarten children using these terms when they are reflecting on their learning journey.

Stay safe

Tracy Esau