Maths Investigation

We have been conducting a mathematical investigation this week. The students were posed with a question: which would be worth more?

  • 1 metre of $2 coins
  • 1 square metre of 5c coins
  • a milk carton filled with 20c coins; or
  • a Kg of $1 coins

Through the process of their investigation, the students have applied their knowledge of length, area, volume and mass. They have had to complete operations involving division and multiplication. They are preparing PowerPoint presentations that detail the steps they went through in making their calculations and the assumptions they made in order to come up with their answers. This rich task has allowed me to assess how well the students apply and communicate their knowledge when working mathematically, which is central to being successful at maths.

For English, we have been looking at the importance of planning before we write. The students have learnt a technique that helps them to compose coherent, well-structured texts with topic sentences and supporting arguments. It has made an impressive difference to their written work and most of the class has a new respect for the planning their work well, which is a great leap forward!

In Science, our class has been applying their knowledge of circuits to construct a vehicle powered by electricity. It has been challenging but very interesting to see how different students apply their knowledge to solve scientific problems.