Hi everyone,

The P&C movie night is this week please look at the newsletter and any notes that have gone home to find out the details such as times and movies.

Our math focus last week was telling the time to the nearest minuted. Time can be a complicated concept for young children as there are many different elements e.g. counting by 5s, half the clock says something to and the other half says past, different hands doing different jobs. The best way to reinforce the concept is to use it in everyday situations. So ask the children to tell you the time or explain to them that at 25 minutes past 7 will be when they are going to bed etc. Our focus this week and next will be on angles. We constructed an angle tester to help us find angles that are greater than or less than 90 degrees (right angle).

During TENS we have been exploring multiplication. All groups were playing a differentiated version of grouping games that use concrete materials to calculate the answer and recording the answer on a 100s chart. The group activities:

  • rolling a dice and calculating groups of e.g. 3 groups of 2 equals 6. highest score wins a point.
  • roll a dice and draw a card to calculate the answer.
  • draw 2 cards to multiply
  • draw 2 cards to multiply and draw a third card to add to the answer.

The children were using many different strategies. One of the strategies explained by a student was for the question 8 x 9. They way of working out the answer was to figure out what 10 groups of 8 was (because groups of 10 is easier to work with) and then take 8 away. That is working smart not hard.

Stay safe