Lemon Myrtles

It is a quick HELLO from the Lemon Myrtles.

We have had a great start of the year. The Lemon Myrtles are settling in nicely to formal schooling. We have been concentrating on our routines, procedures and expectations e.g. lining up, what to do on canteen day, whole body listening etc. These essential processes are extremely important as they allow for smooth running of classroom and school. We will be constantly revisiting them throughout the year.

Lemon Myrtles have come to the end of our math unit, “Are shapes all around us?” We have now started to build our ‘Spooky Shape Houses’. Although it can be messy and chaotic, so much learning happen through projects and investigation. When we have finished our houses there will be an exhibition to display our work, a note will go home about this when the time comes.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our information afternoon. I hope it was helpful for you.