Lemon Myrtles Week 8

This week we have been finishing up our math project. Very soon the Lemon Myrtles will be sharing their spooky houses with the rest of the school. The unit has given the students a taste of what we do in project based learning. We have all enjoyed our first project and are currently writing our spooky house stories to go with our shape houses.
Also, this week we have met Gabby Get Along, our You Can Do It friend who has been helping us learn about working and playing nicely with other, taking turns and how to fix problems by talking not fighting. We have followed up on this by working through our unit on bullying through the Bullying, No Way site. Getting along is a very tricky social skill for adults to navigate, so for kindergarten children it is just as tricky. At this age children have stepped into ‘social play’, where they start to share ideas, toys and follow rules and guidelines of the games they make up. They start to take on imaginative roles in their games and they work together to play these games. This is where real social skills are learnt, for example how to take turns, be a flexible thinker, cooperate with each other and solve problems. However, as their play increases in complexity it involves more interactions which in turn means relying on more complexed social skills. In many cases children this age do not have mature social skills to navigate some of these interactions smoothly. We have to teach them how to navigate. This is where the You Can Do It foundations and lessons are worthwhile in the teaching of social skills. Add this to our Kindness on Purpose program and we start to see our little ones social skills growing. Often we have to revisit the concept found in our social toolkit and revise them, but that’s okay as we are starting to use the language linked to kindness and getting along.
And with these wonderful words, “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours” I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tracy Esau