Learning how to Learn

The end of this week marks the official end of our Learning how to Learn Program although, of course, we never stop learning and we hope our students will get better and better at it!

One of our primary focuses has been on our learning dispositionsReciprocal, Reflective, Resourceful and Resilient. We used a series of STEM challenges to encourage students to reflect on how they use these learning dispositions to solve problems. Over the past two weeks, the students have created roller-coasters, paddle boats, cranes and catapults. They have had to collaborate with different team members, overcome some serious obstacles, create designs with limited resources and learn from their mistakes. These are the skills that we need to be successful learners, not just in school but throughout our lives.

The students have also been completing projects this week to demonstrate what they have learned and to present to future classes. We have groups making videos describing the Learning Pit, making models to show what happens to the brain during mindfulness exercises, recording raps to encourage a growth mindset and posters to display a breakdown of our learning dispositions.

This is the first year at Main Arm where I have had a single year 6 class and I have been enjoying watching the students exercising their exceptional independence and leadership skills. It is a very promising start to an exciting year.

Keep it up, Scorpions!