Learning How To Learn

Welcome back everyone!

Great to see our year 6 class refreshed and energised for another fantastic year of learning. For the next 3 weeks, every class in our school engages in our learning how to learn program. The focus is on setting up routines, expectations and programs that will enable our students to be excellent life-long learners.

This week we have come up with a vision for a classroom:

Our class is an engaging, fun place to learn, where people encourage each other and work together to achieve their goals.

We looked at the barriers that would stop us realising our vision and created a set of class expectations to ensure we can achieve it.  One of our expectations is to come to class ready to learn – please ensure that your child has the required stationery to complete the work they need to do.

Tomorrow we begin a series of learning challenges that are designed to challenge the students’ problem solving abilities and to facilitate collaboration in the classroom. The aim is to highlight the skills the students need to become productive learners.