Years 3,4,5 & 6 News

Learning how to Learn

The end of this week marks the official end of our Learning how to Learn Program although, of course, we never stop learning and we hope our students will get better and better at it! One of our primary focuses … Continued


Thank you to all the parents who attended the learning awards. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’re very sorry that you missed our students performing songs they had composed. The good news is that we intend to … Continued


As we near the end of term, it’s been a big week for the dramatic arts. Our school film has now been completed. Next week, Barry Pheloung will be coming in to help us compose the score. It’s always educational … Continued


In maths this week we have been reviewing mixed numbers and how to add and subtract fractions. We played a game where students had a pool of eighths and rolled a dice to form wholes. They had to track their … Continued


Our Adoles:sence program was an amazing success. Our teacher, Jane, was quick to outline guidelines for how to respond to the information and questions raised in the course and our students took them seriously, creating an atmosphere of trust where … Continued


We have a strong focus on editing our writing this term. Our students seem to score well on their spelling and grammar assessments but they don’t always carry this knowledge through to their written work. We have established a routine … Continued


Robotics is just one of the many exciting projects we are engaging with this term. In term 2, the students had a go at programming a sumobot with our lego robots. We have a white circle surrounded by a black … Continued

Sideshow Games

In maths this week the students have been investigating how to run a sideshow game. The task involved determining the probability of outcomes, reducing fractions to their simplest forms and measuring length, including perimeter. They had to make several choices … Continued


It’s been a busy week of filming for the Flame Trees but it’s exciting to see our planning and script writing sessions come to fruition. We have finished shooting all the complex whole school scenes that involved some logistically challenging … Continued

The case for change

As part of our sustainability unit, the students are taking action to reduce our school’s global footprint. After brainstorming different areas that we could have an impact on, groups of students have selected topics, including: reducing the amount of paper … Continued