Years 3,4,5 & 6 News


Robotics is just one of the many exciting projects we are engaging with this term. In term 2, the students had a go at programming a sumobot with our lego robots. We have a white circle surrounded by a black … Continued

Sideshow Games

In maths this week the students have been investigating how to run a sideshow game. The task involved determining the probability of outcomes, reducing fractions to their simplest forms and measuring length, including perimeter. They had to make several choices … Continued


It’s been a busy week of filming for the Flame Trees but it’s exciting to see our planning and script writing sessions come to fruition. We have finished shooting all the complex whole school scenes that involved some logistically challenging … Continued

The case for change

As part of our sustainability unit, the students are taking action to reduce our school’s global footprint. After brainstorming different areas that we could have an impact on, groups of students have selected topics, including: reducing the amount of paper … Continued


It’s great to be back at school after our exciting week in the snow fields. Today, as part of Science Week, we enjoyed a visit from the Off The Planet team to learn about the Earth’s place in Space. We … Continued


Our unit for this term is sustainability. We will be exploring the concept through reading information texts and picture books,  as well as Tim Winton’s novel Blueback and drawing on these ideas to expand our understanding of what it means … Continued

History Projects

This week the Flame Trees have been presenting their history projects on Australian Democracy. It was a challenging project and the work they have done has been very impressive. Students have taught the class about Federation, significant referendums, civil rights … Continued


Last week we had a mock Parliament in class. The students were randomly assigned to be Government or Opposition members. We also had some cross-benchers, who held the balance of power. Our Government forwarded a bill that Fidget Spinners be … Continued

Class Mascot

This week we have been further our investigations into Australian Democracy by exploring our preferential voting system. The students had to come up with a a candidate to elect as our school mascot. We began by looking at the values … Continued


This week we have been learning about the structure of our democratic system. Students have been learning to select the key ideas from written and video texts to summarise information. We explored the processes of passing a bill,  the history of … Continued