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Scribbly Gums News

Hi everyone, Welcome back to our final term for 2019. As always, it is a busy and exciting term with assessment and reporting, swimming lessons, the school play to rehearse and our end of year activities to look forward to. … Continued

Scibbly Gums Stem

This week in the Scribbly Gums it has been all about STEM. Science Technology Engineering and Maths. The challenge was set to design a unique mini beast. The design had to include head, thorax, abdomen, and antenna. Wings were optional. … Continued

Scribbly Gums Class News

The Scribbly Gums are developing strong mental computation skills during our Numeracy games. Using regular playing cards to add the numbers and try to get to the magic number of 14 or 24. If you go over the magic number … Continued

Scribbly Gums Go Flying

Hi everyone, What a great time we had on camp! We were so lucky with the beautiful sunny weather to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of Tyalgum Ridge. It was wonderful to see the students using the five foundations as they … Continued

school camp and other fun things

Hi everyone, Excitement is building as we fast approach our school camp to Tyalgum Ridge. Get your bags packed using the list provided by the school and then you won’t forget anything. The bus is leaving at 9am on Monday … Continued

Scribbly Gums Class News

Hi everyone, Welcome back for term 3. This week we have been using the inquiry model to kick off our investigations of Minibeasts. We used some photographs to stimulate curiosity and asked ourselves What do we see? What does this … Continued

Scribbly Gums News

Hi everyone, It was great to meet up with parents last week to share the wonderful achievements of the class. They have all come so far during the first half of the year. We have been learning about the water … Continued

Scribbly Gums News

Hi everyone, The Scribbly Gums are learning about water this term. We will be learning how water is essential to life. We use it for drinking, cooking, hygiene, recreation and agriculture. Australia is a dry continent and we will be … Continued

Scribbly Gums Class News

Hi everyone, Here we are at the end of Term 1 already! I have been so pleased with all the students in my class so far this year. They are working well in their literacy and numeracy groups and have … Continued

Scribbly Gums Classroom

Hi everyone, The Scribbly Gums have been writing letters these past weeks. We wrote lots of practise letters and then decided which one we would edit and publish. This is introducing students to the writing process which involves drafting, refining, … Continued