Year One News

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, Excitement is mounting over the school camp next week. A list to help with packing has been sent home. Please write names on the tags of all clothing items. The activities planned sound like a lot of fun. Remember … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, Thankyou parents for making the time to come out to school for parent/teacher interviews. It was a very motivating and positive experience to speak with you all and share your child’s progress with you. It was great to hear … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, The Water Cycle is currently being investigated in our classroom. We are learning about precipitation, condensation and evaporation. Some experiments are planned for Friday to demonstrate how water is evaporated into water vapour and then condensed again to … Continued

Reading Factual Texts

Hi everyone, Reading a factual text or information is often more difficult for young readers. A good strategy to help children check their comprehension is to teach them Read- Cover- Remember-Retell. As always, we model first. Read a short section … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, We have been delving deeper into the rainforest this week. Looking at the different animals that live in each level of the rainforest has been very interesting. As we read about the animals we are learning about key … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, Welcome to Term 2. This week we have been learning about the rainforest. We discovered that the rainforest has four different levels and each level has lots of different animals living there. We have been reading books and writing … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, It’s been a topsy turvy week with the rain and the flooding of the causeways. On Tuesday many of the students came along to Mullum High School for the day. We started the day with all the Main … Continued

Banksia News

Thanks to those who were able to make it to the parent Information afternoon meeting. The following is the information from this meeting. Reading Students begin each morning with buddy reading and then swap their home reader. Students work on … Continued

Reading Strategies

Hi everyone, The Banksias have some special animal friends to help us remember our reading strategies. Lips the Fish reminds us to get our lips ready to say the first sound of the word. Eagle Eye reminds us to look … Continued

Year 1 Banksia News

Hi everyone, Do we know if our children are truly comprehending what they are reading? It’s a good idea to talk to them about the stories they read. Thinking as they read helps with predicting text. Reading expressively to them … Continued