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Lemon Myrtles

It is a quick HELLO from the Lemon Myrtles. We have had a great start of the year. The Lemon Myrtles are settling in nicely to formal schooling. We have been concentrating on our routines, procedures and expectations e.g. lining … Continued

Treat others as you would like to be treated

I recently read a blog about this, and I wanted to share it with you. “Treat others as you would like to be treated – I am sure many of us would lose count of how many times we were reminded … Continued

Miracles at Main Arm

Two and a half weeks in and I have to marvel at this amazing school and the opportunities it offers for all our learners, including myself.  There are not many places where one day you can see our students extracting … Continued

Students Extraordinaire

Last week saw our hardworking SRC have a major role in our Thank You Morning Tea. My deepest thanks to all our SRC members, Bethany, Adel, Rhiannon, Phoebe, Ulani, Sophie, Alita, Brayden, Jaber, Riley and Max who did an excellent … Continued

Celebrating Learning

The “Being a Lifelong learner” message, came out very clearly on our parent feedback forms. This is wonderful, it is what our staff believe as well. It is one of our core values. Next year we will continue to extend on these beliefs. We … Continued

Community Resilience: Learning from Christchurch

“Bounce back: Scientists know why some people rebound so well from setbacks.” “Further studies for children found that factors like having a tight-knit community, a stable role model and a strong belief in their ability to solve problems helped children … Continued

Learning is the Way!

George Matthew Adams said, “We can accomplish anything within our ability if we but think that we can.” “A life filled with regrets is a life wasted. Often we regret even more than the things we did do, the things … Continued

It’s Possible

On returning from New Zealand last week from our Visible Learning school study tour. I have been thinking about the schools that I visited and how best we can implement some of these ideas at Main Arm. As with any new … Continued

Embracing and Realising Future Learning Opportunities

What an exciting and motivating few days Ms Jansen and I have had visiting Stonefields School and other schools in Auckland this week. It was inspiring to visit such forward thinking schools that creatively use modern, open learning environments that ensures learning … Continued

Visible learning at Main Arm

For me, Professor Hattie’s words ring so true: “If we truly want to improve student learning, it is vital that we shift our narrative about teaching and learning. We need to build the critical work of building up collaborative expertise … Continued