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Dune Beetles Welcome

Hi Everyone, Welcome to 4/5 Dung Beetles. This year the class will be shared between Mrs Bettison and Mrs Peenz. We are very excited to be working together and have had a great start to the year. In class we … Continued

Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone, What a fantastic two weeks of learning we have had! The class has really settled well into the routine of school and have done a wonderful job in attending every day! It is very tiring coming 5 days … Continued

Learning how to Learn

The end of this week marks the official end of our Learning how to Learn Program although, of course, we never stop learning and we hope our students will get better and better at it! One of our primary focuses … Continued

Jumping Into The Learning Pit

Hi everyone, The Dragonfly Class did some brainstorming about why we come to school. After discussing all the ideas we came up with our class purpose… We come to school to learn and have fun. We meet new people and … Continued

Welcome Kindy Honey Bees!

Hi Everyone, I have had a wonderful time this week re-connecting with you all at your Best Start assessment. It is wonderful to see how excited you are to start on Monday and how much you have grown over the … Continued

Learning How To Learn

Welcome back everyone! Great to see our year 6 class refreshed and energised for another fantastic year of learning. For the next 3 weeks, every class in our school engages in our learning how to learn program. The focus is … Continued

Welcome to the Stick Insects (Year 3) 2018

Hello everyone, It was wonderful seeing all the joyful faces of the students and parents on Tuesday, our first day back. We have been very busy this week with our Learning How To Learn program. So far we have explored … Continued

Welcome back

Hello Parents of Year 1 and 2 students, Welcome to the new school year at Main Arm Upper. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday. Our class will be called the Dragonflies this year. We had lots of … Continued

The Final Post

I hope everyone was not too overwhelmed by all the information on the school reports.  I used a new system that hopefully gave you a clearer picture of your child’s accomplishments but I must admit, it was quite lengthy in parts.  … Continued