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Up, Up and Away

After a busy term we have finished our units of work for math and now we can have more fun putting this knowledge into an investigation. So we thought why not have a paper plane investigation. The students don’t even … Continued

Kindy Class News

Hi Everyone, Well we have come to the end of another fantastic term of learning and boy has it been a busy one! I thought a nice way to end it would be for the children to share something that … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, The Banksia’s have immersed themselves in an insect’s world this week as they explore the concepts of addition and subtraction, using information from the food diaries of Sammy and Susie, the very hungry spiders. This investigation also provides … Continued

Waste Audit

Having presented their case for change speeches, the Flame Trees elected to revamp our recycling system. The first step was to measure the current state of our waste disposal habits by conducting a bin audit. We tipped out the entire contents … Continued

Ottawa Arrival

Using our mileage (or should I saw kilometreage?) of our five and six times tables, we have arrived in Ottawa, Canada in record time. I think we will celebrate our arrival on the last day of term.  I decided I would … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, It’s great to be back after such a long absence with illness. Well done to the banksias for using their You Can Do It skills to adapt to having different teachers and routines. I am so proud of … Continued

Sideshow Games

In maths this week the students have been investigating how to run a sideshow game. The task involved determining the probability of outcomes, reducing fractions to their simplest forms and measuring length, including perimeter. They had to make several choices … Continued


It’s been a busy week of filming for the Flame Trees but it’s exciting to see our planning and script writing sessions come to fruition. We have finished shooting all the complex whole school scenes that involved some logistically challenging … Continued

Group work and learning

The Perils of Group Work The last few weeks we have been working on our ‘Waggle Dance’ performances. The children have been placed in groups and have been working together to compose a dance, song or both, that informs their … Continued

The case for change

As part of our sustainability unit, the students are taking action to reduce our school’s global footprint. After brainstorming different areas that we could have an impact on, groups of students have selected topics, including: reducing the amount of paper … Continued