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Sunny Days

Swimming For the past two weeks the weather has been beautiful for our school swimming program. I am delighted and proud to see all of our children having a go and challenging themselves. Our not so confident swimmers last year … Continued

Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone, We have been super excited this week for Music in the Valley tomorrow night. So much so we haven’t been able to think of too much else! Gae and I will be running the crystal hunt activity together, … Continued

become program

This term, year 6 are participating in a program called BECOME.ME. It is an interactive program designed to teach young people the adaptive skills and curiosity they’ll need to explore, design and navigate the fast changing world of work. It … Continued

Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone, Thank you for another wonderful term of learning! We have achieved so much this term with our social skills and our reading and writing. We have been producing some beautiful artworks and really gaining an understanding of numbers and … Continued


For science this week, we have been applying our knowledge of flight to construct water rockets. We had a test launch yesterday, which was very successful. Tomorrow we will be using the rockets to test variables regarding size, air pressure … Continued

Dragonflies Class News

Hi everyone, Well, didn’t we have fun on our camp at Evans Head. Thankyou so much to the parents who were able to come along because without your support we would not be able to take the younger students to … Continued


This term, the class has been investigating what an excellent short story looks like. We have been planning our own stories and experimenting with how to effectively develop tension and resolve them in a satisfying way. Students are working on … Continued

Stick Insects

Hi everyone, Cooking is on Friday this week for Year 3. I can’t wait to taste the yummy treats that Yeni is planning for our class. Notes have been sent home as we do need a couple of parent helpers … Continued

Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone, Well, we have been very busy these past few weeks, busy like bees! Our learning is roaring along and it is why this term is one of my favourites. It is the time when a level of independence … Continued

Stick Insects

Hello everyone, Over the last two weeks the Stick Insects have been learning about our Zones of Regulation, meaning we have been discussing strategies that enable us to manage our emotions. Lets just clarify that there are no bad emotions, it … Continued