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Group work and learning

The Perils of Group Work The last few weeks we have been working on our ‘Waggle Dance’ performances. The children have been placed in groups and have been working together to compose a dance, song or both, that informs their … Continued

The case for change

As part of our sustainability unit, the students are taking action to reduce our school’s global footprint. After brainstorming different areas that we could have an impact on, groups of students have selected topics, including: reducing the amount of paper … Continued

Bee Condos

Hello, I think everyone survived camp but we certainly have had a lot of absences this week.  The class size has averaged about 14 so far.  It seems to be a tummy bug and head cold that is affecting most … Continued


It’s great to be back at school after our exciting week in the snow fields. Today, as part of Science Week, we enjoyed a visit from the Off The Planet team to learn about the Earth’s place in Space. We … Continued

Camp Fun

I am wishing the Eukkies and everyone else a great camping experience this Thursday and Friday. Next week, week 5, we will finalise our books, prepare for our plays and begin some major problem solving activities in maths. The plays have proven … Continued

Busy Bees

Busy as Bees Taking notes is an important skill for literacy. It enables students to develop their reading, writing and listening skills. Note taking also builds concentration. During our information unit we have been mastering the art of taking notes. … Continued


This week we began a study of Tim Winton’s novel Blueback. The students were divided into reading groups and have to respond in various ways to each chapter. Some groups will work their way through independently and some will be given … Continued

Banksia Class News

Hi everyone, Excitement is mounting over the school camp next week. A list to help with packing has been sent home. Please write names on the tags of all clothing items. The activities planned sound like a lot of fun. Remember … Continued


As part of sustainability unit, the Flame Trees have been exploring the relationship between bees and food production. The students read a number of article on Colony Collapse Disorder, where bees mysteriously fail to return to there hive and we … Continued

Arrival in Amsterdam

We were like the old Concord jet arriving in Amsterdam from Tokyo in record time.  We landed yesterday traveling over nine thousand kms.  We will learn a bit about the country before continuing on our journey.  Luckily, we have several … Continued