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End of term

The 4/5 Dung Beetles have been very busy this term. We have been learning about Ned Kelly and watched a debate between our school and The Pocket School. The debate topic was whether Ned Kelly was a hero or not. … Continued


Throughout this term, the Scorpions have been engaging with a unit that explores whether Ned Kelly was a hero or a villain. After reading Carol Wilkinson’s Black Snake, the students are divided on their issue. This week, we held a … Continued

Honey Bees News

Hi Everyone, Well here we are at the end of our first term and we all survived! It has been a wonderful term of learning at school, both inside and outside the classroom. The children have come along way already … Continued

Term 1, It’s A Wrap!

Hi everyone, It has been a long term and we are happily celebrating the end of a terrific learning cycle with a fun day of history at our Pioneering Day. We are collaborating with all the local schools in our … Continued

Term 2 Review

Hi everyone, I cannot believe how quickly Term 1 has raced by. We have had a very productive term. Our Writers Workshop has been a great success and we will be continuing with this next term as well. Our focus … Continued

Happy Easter Honey Bees!

Hi Everyone, The end of term is fast approaching and the long weekend has come at the right time! Hopefully we will all re-energise enough to see us through the last two weeks! Our reading groups have made great progress these past … Continued


In maths this week we have been using last week’s exploration of long multiplication and applying it to calculate area. The students were challenged to find the total area of the visible concrete at the school. It was a comprehensive … Continued

What’s Happening In The Dragonflies Class

Hi everyone, We have been using the Easter Bunny for our writing prompt this week. We brainstormed lots of words to describe the Easter Bunny and then used these to create sentences. Our learning goal has been to write compound … Continued

Bin Audit

The students were very excited to attend their first orientation session this afternoon. They were divided into different groups and allocated to teachers they will be having next year. The subjects ranged from art, music and drama to maths and … Continued

Dragonflies Class News

Hi everyone, The Fry Sight Word List contains the most used words in reading and writing. These words are words that students must instantly recognize by sight in order to build their reading fluency. Research shows that children who learn … Continued