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Hi everyone, The P&C movie night is this week please look at the newsletter and any notes that have gone home to find out the details such as times and movies. Our math focus last week was telling the time … Continued

Honey Bees News

Hi everyone, This past fortnight we have been super busy little bees! We have been reading really well in our reading groups and we are beginning to use some of our strategies. Two important beginning strategies we have been learning … Continued

School Film

Last week year 6 completed the script for our school film. It’s one of the most exciting so far. We began by writing short stories on the theme: “bad decisions.” The students worked in groups to compose a story and … Continued

Dragonflies Getting Into Maps

Hi everyone, Our geography unit, People and Places, sees us investigating the world of maps. The first map we drew was of the school and creek area. This week we are creating a treasure island map, complete with a trail … Continued

School is a special place

Hi everyone, This term as part of our geography unit we are studying our school as a special place. We have identified certain places within our school that are special and had lots of discussion around what makes a place … Continued

Words into Action

Our unit for this term involves taking action on an issue in our local area and acting to make a change. At the beginning of this year our class instituted a new bin system to ensure we were taking advantage … Continued

Special places

Hi everyone, This week we had a walk along the creek bed to investigate a ‘special place’ near to our school. When we got around the bend out of view of the road, we crouched down and were very still … Continued

Hooking in your audience

Close your eyes and imagine you are listening to a story. This is not just any story; it is the world’s most boring story ever. No image is being painted in your mind as the narrator’s voice drones on and … Continued

Long Time-No Hear

Greetings everyone, It has been pointed out by some class members that I have not blogged for a while so I thought I would get everyone up to speed with what is going on with the Dung Beetles. This week, … Continued

Welcome Back

Great to see everyone back and happily refreshed. It’s been a positive start to what looks to be an exciting term. In maths we have started a unit on financial literacy. As most of our class have chosen to run … Continued