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Term 2

Dear Parent, What a term we have had already. The class has been settling in nicely after all the changes last term. We have settled into our new routines. We had so much fun last week making some sugar scrub … Continued

Science Fair

Science week occurs early next term and years 3-6 have a science fair planned to celebrate it. Each student must select a project that tests a scientific concept. We have conducted a number of investigations as a class and learnt … Continued

Scribbly Gums Class News

Hi everyone, Here we are at the end of Term 1 already! I have been so pleased with all the students in my class so far this year. They are working well in their literacy and numeracy groups and have … Continued


This week, the Ironbarks commenced work on our new class film. Sharan Shostak is leading the project and today we started brainstorming possible storylines. We have a few vague concepts but they need a lot of refining. Over the next … Continued

Term 1 draws to an end

Time flies when you’re having fun, is the old saying. This is fitting for our first termĀ in kindergarten. I am discovering the personalities of each child and I am finding them delightful. The Lemon Myrtles are starting to settle into … Continued

Lemon Myrtles Week 8

This week we have been finishing up our math project. Very soon the Lemon Myrtles will be sharing their spooky houses with the rest of the school. The unit has given the students a taste of what we do in … Continued


This term, the class has been asked: “Are all countries equal?” We have been investigating global inequality and poverty across the world. We have explored a number of texts and case studies that explore the life of people in different … Continued

Scribbly Gums Classroom

Hi everyone, The Scribbly Gums have been writing letters these past weeks. We wrote lots of practise letters and then decided which one we would edit and publish. This is introducing students to the writing process which involves drafting, refining, … Continued

Lemon Myrtles

It is a quick HELLO from the Lemon Myrtles. We have had a great start of the year. The Lemon Myrtles are settling in nicely to formal schooling. We have been concentrating on our routines, procedures and expectations e.g. lining … Continued

Ghost Gums Parent Information

Welcome all parents and guardians to 2019 Ghost Gums. Thank you for attending the information meeting this afternoon. This year we have 27 students in our class and we plan to have lots of fun while learning. Mrs Peenz teaches … Continued